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Decking Paint and Stain

Decking stain is ideal for reviving or restoring tired and old decking. Anti slip decking paint is the ideal product to create a non-slip surface for safer use. This eco friendly decking stain that is specially formulated to give all types of external timber decking an enriching colour that lasts. It is low odour and non-toxic so harmless to plants and animals.


Decking Stain from Woodpaints

Eco- Friendly Water Based Decking Paint 

The 2.5 litre tins will cover an area up to 20m2 per coat. Decking paint is a protective water-repellent coating. If your timber isn't treated with a preservative then depending on the type of wood and product, you may want to use our Wood Preserver ++ first.

If you are installing new decking we recommend treating any cuts, notches and drilled areas in the timber with our ESP Timber - End Seal Preservative - Clear  (also available in Green and Brown)

decking painted black
Painting the Decking

A Guide to Deck Paints

Garden makeover with grey decking paint

The easiest paint to apply is an acrylic-based or water-based paint. These paints can easily go on your deck, and their dry time is faster than oil-based paint, which can take much longer to dry. Epoxy dries quickly, making applying it more challenging, as you have less time to paint a smooth coat. 

The best paint for a low-maintenance deck is water-based paints like acrylic or latex. These decking paints coat the surface of your deck so that deck maintenance tasks like sweeping and cleaning your deck are simple. Oil-based paints can be harder to clean, as they’re easier to stain.

Advantages of Staining Your Deck

Staining your deck has its own set of advantages, including:

  • Enhancing the natural beauty of the wood: Staining allows you to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. This means that the grain of the wood will be visible, which can be very attractive.

  • Flexibility in color: While paint comes in a wide range of colors, stain allows you to choose from a more limited range of colors. This means that you can choose a color that enhances the natural color of the wood.

  • Easy to apply: Staining is easy to apply and can be done by a DIY enthusiast.


Clear Deck Paint
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