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The Story So Far

For almost 40 years Protek have been thinking about the environment. 
Whilst everyone else was using harsh and toxic chemicals such as creosote, Protek looked towards the future and developed a range using only water-based technology. These wood stains aren't classed as toxic or hazardous, as all of the water-based paints contain low or minimal VOC (volatile organic compounds) and are low in odour.  Packaging is also in metal tins that can be recycled or even reused. 

What has changed since 1983
The biggest change is colour.  When Protek started there was a choice of browns and greens.  Today there are over 100 colours to choose from on trend blacks and anthracite greys to the subtle greens and blues. All of the treatments are safe for children, animals, plants, bees and birds.

People Friendly
Pet Friendly
Plant Friendly
Bee Friendly
Bird Friendly

What is Protek

ALL our wood stains and paints are water based and non-toxic - it means that they are people and plant friendly. Our low odour and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products have no hidden nasties that could harm humans, poison your pets or even worse kill your clematis.

All of the products have been independently tested and approved to meet  ‘toy safety standards’ so parents can paint playhouses, sandpits, climbing frames and toys with total confidence.

All of the products are completely animal safe which is why they are used on animal housing including stables. They are safe to use on bird houses including nesting boxes and chicken coups, and are completely safe for plants, so you can paint behind the beautiful climber with total confidence.

All of the products are actively being used by the bee keeping community due to the low VOCS and low odour.

Climate Protest
Save the Planet

Conventional Paint and VOCs

As the planet shifts to more environmentally friendly products, paint companies follow suit by offering paint labeled "low VOC" or "no VOC." VOCs are volatile organic compounds or chemicals found in many building materials that give off gasses that can build up and harm people and the environment.1 When you smell that "new paint smell," those are VOCs. The government regulates them in some household items as part of the Clean Air Act.

When inhaled, VOCs can contribute to several health problems, including irritation to your airways, headaches, nausea, and even damage to the liver, kidneys, or central nervous system

How Can I Help?

Because treated wood is intended to extend the usefulness and life of wood, fewer trees are required to perform the same function that is required when untreated wood is used. Wood that has been appropriately treated can significantly reduce the number of trees that would otherwise need to be harvested.

Using Protek wood stains and paints not only prolongs the lifespan of your shed, fence, and garden furniture, but also reduces the amount of deforestation needed to meet world demand. This is especially important for hardwoods which take a long time to mature, before swiftly being cut down and used for teak patio furniture. 

By using the Protek range of treatments YOU CAN ethically sustain the lifespan of your wood without the need for nasty chemicals. Both the trees and the planet will love you for it.  

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