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  • Single Finish in One Can
  • UV and Moisture Protection
  • Touch Dry in 4-6 Hours
  • Easy Application with Approx. Coverage 12-16m² per Litre

Other Key Features

  • Outdoor Wood Oil with Silk Finish
  • Low Maintenance
  • Protection Against Ageing
  • Water-Repellent

Restol Wood Oil is a linseed based oil for your timber, decking, or wooden product, which provides high performance protection against the elements. Protecting against moisture and the effects of the weather, the UV filter in this oil helps to retain the colour of the wood. This leaves your wood looking better for longer, whilst emphasising the natural grain of the wood!

Ideal for any wooden product, be it your summerhouse, lodge, fencing, or garden furniture, Restol is available in a wide range of colours and is suitable for use on untreated wood, impregnated wood, and hardwood.

What is the Difference Between Paint, Stain, and Restol Wood Oil?

Whereas paint merely applies a coating to the surface of the wood, and stain is absorbed completely into the wood, Restol combines the best of both worlds. Showing the key quality of paint and stain, Restol penetrates deep into the wood and leaves a thin protective coating on the surface of the wood. As well as protecting from the sun and weather, Restol Wood Oil preserves the natural appearance of your wood.

Restol Oil

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  • Restol™ Wood Oil offers the perfect protection, all year round. It contains an active UV filter that preserves the colour. Restol™ Wood Oil also forms a protective layer against moisture: droplets stay on the surface of the wood rather than penetrating it. You get a durable and beautiful finish!

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