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A great water-proofing TOPCOAT for use inside and out.

This clear wood stain is a hard wearing waterproof coating to be painted over the top of Wood Stain and Protect or Shed & Fence.

For external use we recommend you DO NOT use it directly on bare wood, as the wood will age and discolour over time with exposure to sunlight. Use Clear Tough Coat if you want to waterproof a building without adding more colour. For example, if you like a subtle look of just one coat of Wood Stain and Protect which will give a light wash effect you can increase waterproofing and protection by adding one or two coats of Clear Tough Coat.

You can paint Clear Tough Coat directly on internal timbers to stop them staining from dirt and make them wipe clean.

A protective topcoat that contains high levels of acrylic and wax that increases the water proofing properties.

Clear Tough Coat is designed to go over the top of a Wood Stain and Protect colour to protect it from excessive wear and tear.


TOP TIP: If you want to make sure your wood stays as true to its natural colour it's best to use a TINTED STAIN. We recommend either Golden Oak or Pale Green from our Stable Coat range. Clear coatings are to be used externally as an extra water-proofing TOPCOAT. If they are used on bare wood, the wood will still bleach and naturally weather in the sun. Depending on the wood species, it can silver or turn black over time.

Ideal for:
• Softwood Furniture
• Hardwood Furniture
• Terracotta Pots
• Sheds - for increased waterproofing
• Objects subject to wear and tear

• Fungal & Algal Protection
• Hard Natural Finish
• Peel & Crack Resistant
• Pet & Plant Friendly
• Water Repellent
• Quick Drying
• Low Odour
• Easy to Apply
• Easy Water Clean Up

This is a protective water-repellent coating. If your timber isn't treated with a preservative then depending on the type of wood and product, you may want to use our Wood Preserver ++ first.

Woodstain and Protect - Clear Tough Coat

£29.99 Regular Price
£19.49Sale Price
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