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What's the best paint for a garden room?

A lot of WoodPaints customers come to us directly from Warwick Buildings, as we have supplied paint to them for over 30 years. During that time we have created a good working relationship, understanding what works best for their range of products.  

Garden Room Paints

The cladding type and the quality of the building may determine the type of product that you would like to treat your building, nearly as much as the finished look you are wanting to achieve.

Providing it is tanalised, and you are happy to give it the once over every year, then Shed and Fence is suitable for your garden room. If it is a cheap shed from B&Q or Dunster House for example, the chances are, it will also need preservative added to stop the white wood rotting. White wood is fast grown and cheaper than redwood, so will expand and contract by more extremes, meaning that a better quality of treatment is needed to provide more weather protecton. In this case the Royal Exterior range is the most suitable one for you. 

Feather Edge

Feather edge garden buildings are quite often more traditional looking garden rooms as the meatiness of the cladding looks more in keeping with countryside surroundings. If the wood is tanalised, then it will soon go a nice golden brown oak colour giving the appearance of a log cabin. Royal exterior clear is the best product to put on this building at this stage, as it will soak into the timber and provide a waterproof coat for up to 5 years. 


Cedar garden rooms look fabulous on day 1 - but can fade quite quickly if the sun beats down on it all day. To counteract this, you need to apply Restol Oil, as this has a UV protective ingredient, specifically created for hardwood timber. After a couple of years, use the brown, or natural brown version of Restol to bring back the natural cedar colour so it looks as fresh as it did on day one. 

Grey Wood

If your garden room has started to wash out, and you are looking for a wood stain to bring it back to it's original colour then you have a couple of options to choose from. 

The shed and fence range will give your grey timber a lift and put colour back into the building, but it will need re-doing every 12 months. The advantage is that you still see the grain of the wood with this treatment. The favourite colour is gold, as it returns the garden room back to the golden oak colour that most people love. Alternatively, use a clear tough coat the following year if the colour is still looking good.

Secondly - use the wood protection range, as this lasts longer and has a stronger colour. One coat will still show the wood grain, but more coats will start to become a paint finish, and create and opaque look. 

Finally if you want a painted finish, then the Royal Exterior is the best option, as is lasts , longer than the rest. It may be more expensive to start with, but if you add in your time for doing the work, it's actually more cost effective in the long run.

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