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Exterior wood paint

What Paint Guide

Scroll down to see more information on each product, what properties it has and how long it will last. This will hopefully help you choose which product suits your project best. 

Protek Shed and Fence

Shed & Fence - From £19.50

This is the entry level model in the Protek range. It contains wax additives for the extra protection of a water resistant coating. It is a high-build formulation meaning that each additional coat will increase the depth of the colour, leaving a thicker coating with a richer sheen. Protek Shed & Fence is a water-based wood stain with very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and virtually no odour, making it the ideal choice not only for fencing and sheds but all types of animal housing from chicken coups to kennels. Protek Shed & Fence wood stain is available in many attractive and natural looking colours that can be applied by using a brush or a low pressure pump up garden sprayer. This product is a safe alternative to Creosote with good eco-credentials. Being water-based means that it is easy to clean up with warm water and detergent, negating the need for white spirit or paint stripping solutions. Shed & Fence is an economical wood stain offering great coverage at up to 12m2 per litre per coat. For fencing one coat will colour and weather-proof with a second coat deepening the shade. For sheds it is recommended that two coats be applied for the first treatment with only one coat needed for future maintenance.

Positives = Great Coverage | Wax Coating | Suitable for Spraying | Great Price

Negatives = Yearly Application Needed | Small Colour Range

Eco Wood Stain

Eco Shield - From £22.75

Timber Eco Shield will prolong the like and good looks of your timber by using the latest nanotechnology that leaves a waterproof finish. It can be used on all outside (and inside) timbers. It gives a traditional matt wood stain finish in a range of natural colours. It contains a mould inhibitor to protect the coating. It is perfect for use on all softwood and hardwood products and is especially recommended for use on pressure treated timbers, as well as, sheds, summerhouses, timber buildings, fencing, gates, garden furniture, animal and bird housing. 1 litre will cover approximately 12m² depending on moisture content and porosity of the timber. It is recommended that 2 coats are applied. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second. It is advisable to apply the second coat in the same day due to it being very water repellent when fully bonded. The colour will be more intense with the second coat. No primer or basecoat is required. Lifetime is up to 5 years depending on levels of wear & tear + exposure

Positives = Great Coverage | Suitable for Spraying | Long Lifespan | Recyclable Packaging

Negatives = Small Colour Range

wood paints

Wood Protector -From £19.49

Direct competition to Cuprinol Shades brought to you at trade prices. This is the best selling range of the Protek wood treatments, as it is the mid range product.  If you want to simply add one coat to the timber to change the colour and provide a protection for a couple of years, then a single coat of wood stain will do. This lasts longer than Shed & Fence, and provides more protection, but to get up to the 5 year lifespan, you'd need to apply more coats.  The more coats you apply the more it looks like paint, until finally you reach the level that the Royal exterior provides.

Positives = Great Coverage | Plenty of Colours | Suitable for Spraying | Great Price

Negatives = None

royal exterior wood paint

Royal Exterior - From £24.50

For those who yearn for Farrow & Ball, or Little Green, but can't justify the expense. This is the luxury paint that the trade don't tell you about.  This rich water based paint, provides an opaque finish ina wide range of opulent colours. A top of the range, eco-friendly product, made from organic compounds, with a colour range to challenge any competition. Low VOC's make it the perfect paint for both indoor and outdoor use of furniture, worktops, and all other types of wood.

Positives = Outstanding performance | Huge choice of Colours | Longest Lifespan 

Negatives = Not suitable for spraying

Decking stain

Decking Stain - From £32.50 

Protek Decking Stain has been specially formulated to give all types of external timber decking an enriching colour that is hard wearing and lasts.

Once applied Protek Decking Stain leaves behind a hard durable surface that can withstand everyday foot traffic. It is a water based acrylic and Alkyd hybrid that incorporates a polyurethane dispersion based on linseed oil, a natural renewable resource.

linseed oil

Restol Oil - From £33.75

This is the treatment if you have Cedar cladding. The Natural UV protection is a clear product and slows the ageing process down, so the natural colours take longer to fade. If this happens, purchase brown or natural brown to return the cedar to its original colour. 


protek paints


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