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The perfect wood treatment for the garden makeover.  Ideal for painting the garden furniture and the garden room


Just what the wood doctor ordered. A protective, water resistant treatment that nourishes the timber at the same time as providing a colour that makes your shed, fence, or furniture look brand new again. Two coats are required to reinvigorate with Woodstain and Protect.



Wood Stain
Original Colours

Simply select the colour that will brighten up your garden the most and BUY NOW for details on the size and prices.


Bright Colours

Why not brighten up the garden fence, or the kids

playhouse with one of the popular colours

between 15 and 28.  


Natural Colours

Protek Wood Stains are also available in natural colours, along with a completely see through clear tough coat. Once you've applied your wood stain, you will notice beads of water sit on the top of the timber rather than sinking into the wood.

Delivery Man




What will you paint with your Protek Wood Stain?

Protek Wood Stain is the leading Eco Friendly, water based wood stain that is perfect for a number of applications.

You can use Protek Wood Satin to rejuvenate  wooden furniture. In fact it is ideal for:
• Fencing • Sheds • Trellis • Summerhouses • Planters 

• Garden Furniture • Terracotta Pots • Masonry


Benefits of Protek Wood Stain

Why should I use Protek Wood Stain to paint fencing, the garden shed, or my outside wooden furniture? 

Washing Hands

Clean with water

When you have finished painting with Protek wood stain, you can simply clean your brush and your hands under the tap with water. When the brush is clean, then use it for another pot of protek wood stain, and keep on painting. 

Dog on Pink

Safe to Pets

Because all our products are water based, low odour,low VOC’s and non-toxic,  they are totally safe to use around animals. In addition, all our products are regularly tested and checked against European Safety rules.

Holding Plant

Environmentally Friendly

ALL of the stains and paints have passed EN71-3 which reports no traces of chemicals harmful to animals making them safe to use as well as being suitable for animal housing. 

What is Protek 
Wood Stain

Outdoor paints

A multipurpose and versatile wood stain & protect garden paint that coats and protects the timber 

Wood Stain & Protect creates a micro-porous coating that contains a mould inhibitor and is very low in odour and VOC. It is so good that it will even adhere to masonry and terracotta pots. This stain works beautifully with garden sprayers to speed up all of those big jobs. Two coats is all it takes to protect your wood with only one coat being required for fencing. Further coats increases the solidity and depth of colour. 


Finish - Opaque with a soft sheen

Outdoor wood treatments
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