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Love Your Garden

We are so thrilled that Protek Paint continues to be the wood treatment of choice for a 7th year with ITV’s Love Your Garden.



The series kicked off in May with their biggest ever project, to create a garden for The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.


The inspiration for Alan and his team came from letters written by the hospital’s young patients. Some of these patients were victims of the nearby Manchester Arena bombing; they requested an outdoor space for patients, families and staff to take respite. 


Alan meets the brave youngsters who wrote to him, some with life-threatening conditions and others like Lily Harrison who was treated by the hospital after receiving shrapnel wounds at the Ariana Grande concert just a year ago. He listened to their suggestions and with the rest of the team sets out to create a magical retreat full of thoughtful detail that the whole community can enjoy and be proud of.


The paint used for this special episode of Love Your Garden was from the wonderful, colourful Wood Stain and Protector range. These colours are always a firm favourite for use on children’s play areas.


Also used were the sophisticated Royal Exterior China Clay and its dramatic Black.

Modern And Functional Space

The small garden was unloved until Alan, Katie, David and the Love Your Garden team transformed it into a perfect modern but functional space. The LYG team used screens and clever planting to create 5 zones. These included; 
- A workout space  - A play area  with a raised platform that not only looked great but gave a birds eye view of the garden for the children 
- A storage area for gym equipment and toys. 
- A dining area complete with raised beds packed full of easy to grow, pick and eat herbs, fruit and veg.
- A relaxing area with comfy chairs.

One of the brightest and most cheerful gardens ever seen

Lots and lots of our colourful paints were used in this week’s Love Your Garden. 


The garden for Julie in Leicester was one of the brightest and most cheerful gardens ever seen. She was thrilled with the transformation from dreary back yard into Caribbean garden.


Alan and the team made three colourful zones;
An entertaining space, a zen area and a kitchen garden. 

The entertaining area had its own bar aka The Rum Shack.  Painted in Royal Exterior Flamingo Pink and Teal.  And wow it really packed a punch (excuse the pun!!)


The zen area used upright sleepers to act as a modern wind break/ screen.  Painted in Royal Exterior French Lilac.  It felt calming on the deck.

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