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Sage Green Color Palette -


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Sage Green

Sage green can sometimes feel a bit stale or too traditional but when it's paired with the right colors, it looks fresh and modern

Sage Green was one of the paint colours enjoyed by the Victorians "on account of their repose to the sight, and their solid and quiet tone". 

The color gets its name from the dried leaves of the sage plant, which is native to the Mediterranean region. It is a pale, soft green color that often has a subtle gray or blue undertone, giving it a cool and earthy feel

It pairs well with other nature-inspired hues, such as taupe, cream, light grey, mustard yellow, and brown. If you want to up the drama and make sage green feel more exciting, try pairing it with contrasting colors like purple.

The muted nature of this charming green fits seamlessly amongst a palette of similarly desaturated shades. Use Sage Green alongside the family of French Greys or Light Stone shades.

Environmentally Friendly Paint

ALL our wood stains and paints are water based and non-toxic - it means that they are people and plant friendly. Our low odour and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products have no hidden nasties that could harm humans, poison your pets or even worse kill your clematis.

All of the products have been independently tested and approved to meet  ‘toy safety standards’ so parents can paint playhouses, sandpits, climbing frames and toys with total confidence.

All of the products are completely animal safe which is why they are used on animal housing including stables. They are safe to use on bird houses including nesting boxes and chicken coups, and are completely safe for plants, so you can paint behind the beautiful climber with total confidence.

​All of the products are actively being used by the bee keeping community due to the low VOCS and low odour.


All the products here are safe to the environment.

Sage Green Colour Palette

The Sage Green colour palette ranges from the hex numbers #8f9779,#78866b,#738276,#738678, to #4d5d53. The closest representative woodstains are Soft Sage, Pale Sage, Green Oat, Willow, and Seaweed,  whilst in the paint ranges Sage Leaf, Olive Green, Verdant Green, and Meadow Green match the requirement. The darkest sage green colour in the range is Jungle Green

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Sage Green Wood Paints

Sage green wood paint is a muted green hue that pairs well with many other colors, making it an ideal choice for various design schemes. Whichever shade of sage green you choose, you will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, especially when used in large amounts or add a subtle touch of color as an accent. 

Sage Green Woodstains

Paint experts state that sage green hue has its nature. Apart from a blend of green and gray, this color has a silvery tint in it with different undertones. Understated and timeless, sage green is a soft and gentle colour for home decor. Green is the colour of nature. That makes it wonderfully calming and familiar. Painting with sage green will make your living space feel tranquil and reassuring.

Sage Green Color Palette -

What colours go well with Sage Green?

Several colors go with light grey or dark grey, and one among them is the gentle, soothing sage green. These two tones can add the perfect layering and depth to a space, making it feel instantly relaxing.

White also brings out the freshness of sage green, giving you a colour combination that feels light, fresh and relaxing. You can further accentuate sage green and white with some natural brown & black furnishings.

Sage Green Color Palette -

How is Sage Green made

The color sage green in percentages
If the project you're working on requires percentage representation, sage green is made of 70% red, 67% green, and 53% blue.

The wise choice

The word sage is defined as a profoundly wise person—someone who is venerated for his wisdom, judgment, and experience. Sage green is, thus, a color that can express wisdom. As a green, it also communicates peace and growth and speaks of ecology and nature. Sage green goes well with purples , golds, and taupes.

Is sage green still in style

Sage green is one of those colours that never seems to date — or go out of fashion. It's a perennial favourite with interior designers and homeowners alike.

Help me choose

Brighter shades of sage green bedroom decor can make your room feel more spacious and airy, particularly when combined with ample natural light from a bedroom window. This can be especially beneficial for smaller bedrooms, as it can visually open up the space, adding plenty of colour and reflection.

Is it better to choose sage green in a paint or a wood stain

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