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What is exterior wood paint?

Wood paint and wood stains are specially formulated treatments that are designed to nourish and protect your garden fence, garden shed or timber furniture. Here at Woodpaints, we focus on water based wood paints and stains, that are safe to plants pets and people, as opposed to spirit or oil based wood treatments that are more harmful to the environment. By mixing water with wax, acryllic or linseed oil, along with organic compounds, we provide eco-friendly wood paints, that offer lasting protection in a wide range of colours. The Protek range of paints and wood stains have also caught the attention of Alan Titchmarsh and Prue Leith. To find out more, click the button.

What exterior wood paint do I need?

exterior wood paint

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Wood Paint

Exterior Wood Paints and Stains

To protect your timber from rotting and decaying, then some sort of wood protection will need to be painted onto the surface to keep out the UV rays and the harsh weather. This will need to be done either on a yearly basis, bi-annually or every 4-5 years depending on the quality of treatment that you use. Wood stains are usually of a thin consistency and are easy to apply, often giving a water proof coating to the surface of the timber, along with a colour that rejuvenates the appearance.  

Exterior wood paint however is created using much more pigment and components, so that the treatment is much thicker in consistency. Once the exterior wood paint dries it leaves a tough outer skin that protect the timber against the weather, whilst giving the appearance of the timber looking brand new again. Exterior wood paint is likely to give you a longer lasting protection against the weather than the exterior wood stains.

Wood Paint and Wood Stains

What's the difference between wood paints and wood stains?

The main difference between paint and stain is that paint sits on top of the surface rather than seeping into the surface. Typically a wood stain will leave a transluscent finish so that the grain is still visible after brushing on, whereas a paint is an opaque finish that covers up the wood grain. In most cases paint also needs to be painted onto surfaces that have been primed first, however our clever formula allows the wood paint to be applied directly to timber without the need for a primer, saving you time and money.

Because all of our wood treatments are eco friendly, all you have to do is choose the wood paint or stain that suits your application, safe in the knowledge that the planet is not being harmed.  

To help you decide whether a stain or paint is better for you see our application guide 

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Who uses Wood Paints

Protek products are used on many TV garden and home makeover shows. You might have spotted them on Love Your Garden ITV with Alan Titchmarsh, DIY SOS, BBC Garden Rescue with Charlie Dimmock and Prue’s Great Garden Plot. Not only that, at least 150 stockists and manufacturers currently recommend Protek paints, including, Dunster House, Jackson Fencing, Rowlinson Timber, Garden Buildings Direct, Skinners Sheds, Forest Products, and UK Garden Buildings to name but a few. Chances are, if you have a product from them, it is likely to be protected with Protek wood treatments of some sort.


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Wood Paint

Exterior wood paints and outdoor wood stains are now available in a wide range of opaque and translucent colours. For more details on the wood paint colours that are available.

wood paints


It would be far easier to sell Protek via the big national chains. However have you noticed that the majority of products sold from these stores are cheaply produced and appeal to the masses without a conscience for where things come from and how long they last. Unfortunately this product doesn't compete well in that marketplace as the costs of producing an organic, Eco Friendly treatment, is more expensive than creating a man made synthetic equivalent. 

That is why over 200 companies, ranging from shed and fence manufacturers, independent garden centres, fencing installers and farm shops, have been selling Protek as their preferred treatment range since 1990. ​So if you're looking for a sustainably produced timber woodcare treatment that has been ethically nourishes, protects and improves your timber, then see below for the product that suits your needs or simply...

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What makes Protek so popular?

protek paints

It is Protek’s task as manufacturers of quality wood stains, decorative timber coatings and preservatives, to design treatments that are effective and long lasting, while aiming not to harm the user or any flora and fauna that comes into contact with it. Protek Woodcare range is the attractive and effective solution to looking after all types of outdoor timber. Each product is skilfully made to minimise any human health and safety risk and the effect on the environment. Our wood stains can be used on a variety of finished states such as rough sawn or planed surfaces and will leave a natural looking coloured stain high build finish.

Tell me about Woodpaints

With over 40 years in the sphere of manufacturing timber products, we have worked with a family based company that also originated in the 1980’s and provided us with water based treatments and preservatives for wood. Back in the day when Creosote and Tanalith standard products to handle, we were delighted to discover an ethically and ecologically wood treatment from a company called Protek.


Moving on 40 years, and along with literally hundreds of other timber shed and wooden fence manufacturers, we are all proud to still be users of the wood paints and timber treatments that Protek provide.


It was only recently that Protek increased their range of wood paints, wood stains and timber treatments to include a wide range of colours, qualitied and finishes. This ranges from the Shed and Fence range which is perfect for treating fence panels with a wax enhanced, water based water-proofer, right up to the Royal Exterior range which is up there with the best eco-friendly wood paints on the market. With nearly 80 colours, the Royal range of wood paint is suitable for both external and internal applications, and is one of the best exterior wood paints in the UK.  


The wood stain and protection range is a wood treatment that has been created as a mid point product, which can be used as a stain if only applying one coat, or a paint if applying 2 or 3 coats. The beauty of the wood stain and protection range is that it has a much wider range of colours, as opposed to the Shed and Fence treatments or the Stable Coat.


Whilst you can’t purchase these products in the high street, you can get them from a local stockist, or online from us at WoodPaints, as we are your link direct to the manufacturers. And that’s how were here to help.

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