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Varnishing the Deck


wood stain

Wood stains

Wood stains for interior and exterior wood. Choose from a range of water-based wood stain colours for staining wood.

What is the longest lasting exterior wood stain?. 

The best wood stain is Eco-Shield, as it benefits from the most up to date manufacturing processes and provides the longest protection.

Moisture, mold, mildew and the sun's ultraviolet rays damage wood, but staining wood with an exterior stain and sealer protects it. While many of these products are called deck stains and sealers, they also help wood furniture, fences, siding and exterior doors look their best for years to come

What is the cheapest wood stain?

Shed and Fence wood stain is one of the best wood stain products on the market. The wax additive provides great protection and more than matches the competition from the DIY stores.

Normally a single coat of stain will touch up and refresh your exterior wood. However, in some cases where the weathering of the wood has caused excessive wear and tear, a second or third coat may be required.

Environmentally Friendly Wood Stain

ALL our wood stains and paints are water based and non-toxic - it means that they are people and plant friendly. Our low odour and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products have no hidden nasties that could harm humans, poison your pets or even worse kill your clematis.

All of the products have been independently tested and approved to meet  ‘toy safety standards’ so parents can paint playhouses, sandpits, climbing frames and toys with total confidence.

All of the products are completely animal safe which is why they are used on animal housing including stables. They are safe to use on bird houses including nesting boxes and chicken coups, and are completely safe for plants, so you can paint behind the beautiful climber with total confidence.

​All of the products are actively being used by the bee keeping community due to the low VOCS and low odour.


All the products here are safe to the environment.

What's the best wood stain

Water based stains have become more durable than they used due to new technologies that are available to manufacturers. Not only is thus great news for the Environment, but water based wood stains have the advantage of easier application and quick and safe cleaning. Currently the best wood stain is Eco Shield as it benefits from an advanced micro-porous coating, the latest nano-technology, and is safe to plants, pets and people.


What's the best value wood stain?

For sheer volume, Shed and fence wood stain provides the best value wood stain on the market. Providing a washed effect finish, this wood stain is at the cheaper end of the spectrum, but is still a hit for customers needing to paint a large area quickly. Easy to apply by sprayer makes this the most popular woodstain for those wanting to achieve a quick spruce up at a low price. 

Shadow on the Wall

Natural Wood Stain

The best options for exterior stains for wood homes are semi-transparent, semi-solid, and solid. You can use them on siding and trim. Their main differences are how much of the natural wood and color you can see through the stain and how often they need restaining

The best time to stain your deck is when air and wood surface temperatures are between 50°-90°F. Avoid applying stain in direct sunlight, and don't apply if rain is in the forecast within the next 24-48 hours

Blue Washed Wall

Wood Stain Colours

Wood Stains for Animal Buildings

Stable coat is an extremely water repellent coating specifically designed to produce a waterproof coating on pressure-treated timber buildings. Stable coat  has a long tradition of being the number one wood treatment for stable manufacturers. We now supply the same product to all stable owners so they can, when necessary, re-treat their stable in the same animal safe and environmentally sound product. Woodpaints is a family run business of horse owners and we understand what kind of product is required for the busy stable yard.

Wood stain preparation



Prepare and Preserve

  • Sand, clean & dry

    • Our products can be applied over the top of old weathered coatings, but for best results apply wood stains to bare timber. Ensure timber is clean & dry.

  • Wood Preserver

    • If your external timber isn’t pressure treated or the preservative chemicals have expired, apply Wood Preserver to protect against rot & fungi.


Colour & Protect

  • Colour

    • Apply coloured coating to keep the timber looking attractive, create a stunning garden design or fit in with other external timber.

  • Protect

    • The coloured wood stain also creates a protective coating that will weather-proof timber and stop it getting damaged by rain and exposure to the elements.
      Use Wood Stain & Protector, Shed & Fence, Stable Coat or Decking Stain to colour and protect.


Extra Protection

  • Apply Clear Top Coat for extra protection

    • Use in areas that are subjected to high levels of exposure or to seal a coloured coating where only one coat has been applied for aesthetic purposes. Clear top coats available in Royal, Wood Stain & Protector, Stable Coat & Decking Stain.

  • Algaecide/Algae Inhibitor

    • Apply on top of coatings in areas that are prone to algae growth if desired.

Blurry Drops

How do I apply the wood stain

 If the wood is older and has been exposed to the environment, a little preparation is required before you can apply the coat. You will need to sand the wood before staining it, removing the weathered down exterior so that your stain can really settle. Once this has been done, simply apply either by brush, roller or sprayer.

Mix well before use. Wood stain & Protect is of a stain consistency that allows it to be easily applied by a garden sprayer, brush or roller. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next. Maintain every 2 – 5 years or as required.


Splashes and drips can only be cleaned with warm water and detergent whilst still wet.


DO NOT apply in temperatures below 5oC or if wet weather is expected within 48 hours.


DO NOT apply to wet, damp or frozen timber.

Why do we stain wood?

Stain enhances the natural beauty and grain of wood, offering a rustic appeal. It's also quicker and easier to apply (in most cases) than paint. 

What stain is best?

The best options for exterior stains for wood homes are semi-transparent, semi-solid, and solid. Their main differences are how much of the natural wood and color you can see through the stain and how often they need restaining.

Is wood stain weatherproof

There are two basic product categories for waterproofing: stains and sealants. Stains are used on wood to enhance color and make them weather resistant. Sealants protect concrete and wood from moisture but do not stop water movement through the concrete from the outside.

How long does wood stain last

Exterior wood stain last longest when they cover the most wood grain. Sunshine, specifically UV rays, and rain wear down a protective stain. Although some stains may last longer, in general, you'll need to re-stain your wood every 2 or 3 years.

Should I choose Shed & Fence or Eco Shield?

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